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Who am I? I'm a professional photographer who loves every type of photography.  I'm that guy that always has a camera in his hand. I love trying to put my own special perspective on life and have shot sports, people,  nature and aviation for the last ten years. I was born in Wichita Falls, TX at Shepherd AFB as an Air Force brat. I grew up in Altus, Oklahoma, a small USAF town in SW Oklahoma. As such, I have a strong interest in aviation photography and rural landscape photography. Being from a small community I often seek out scenes that are rustic in a lot of my photography. My wife, Rachael, and I  (and sometimes 3 or so of our dogs!) will often wander the roads of Collin County and beyond looking for interesting places to point my camera. You will also find me at air shows all over the state of Texas and sometimes, shooting off-road racing - look for the Offcamber Photography Jeep (my action sports photography service). If you see me wandering the back roads of Collin County and beyond, say "Hi!".

I shoot Canon because I feel it gives me the ability to capture things the way i want them to look, as efficiently as possible. I currently shoot with a top of the line, full-frame Canon 1Dx and a 7D Mark II crop sensor camera. I find that those two models give me the best of both worlds.  For glass I have a broad variety of Canon, Sigma and other lenses from 14 to 400mm most F2.8 or better for optimal low light photography.  My favorite lens is the Canon 100-400F4.5 IS II. For lighting I have the typical Canon speedlights but I also have a Bowens 500R studio lighting setup and a portable generator for adding the right amount of studio lighting, wherever I shoot.

I am a member of both Professional Photographers of America and Texas Professional Photographers Association. I am a regular attendee at the yearly Texas School of Photography to keep my skills sharp and ahead of the curve!

Straight out of the camera from about 15 minutes ago. Love the Mark III.
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