2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for sale $32,500


First off, if you are just looking for a Jeep for sunny drives to the mall, there are plenty of Jeeps out there for sale for those who don't want to use a Jeep as it's mean to be. Just move along to one of those. Don't buy this one and cage it's desire to go off the beaten path...If you want a Jeep that you can take offroad and enjoy the way it was meant to be enjoyed, then please read on..

This is my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with about 90,000 miles on it.  I took delivery of this loaded out 2012 in September of 2011. I bought this Jeep with the intent to use it as the Jeep Gods meant it to be used - going anywhere, and everywhere you want to go. I'm a photographer and I like to do landscape photography away from it all. While it still had dealer tags on it, I had this Jeep on the trails in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma leading a group of friends around the Clayton Ok trails, completely stock. I've owned over 10 Jeeps over the years and this Jeep is by far the most capable, even stock. After a few months of ownership, I began to make it more capable and correct the things that felt lacking. I go offroad but I don't abuse my vehicles. I've never broken anything on this Jeep. It's never suffered damage during any accident. It has been modified to be reliable and handle well and take you anywhere you want.  If you are brave enough (or stupid enough) it will go anywhere you point it. JK's with 35" tires on them are everywhere. You don't have to do much to them to fit a 35" tire on them and let's be honest - without at least a 35" tire on them  or they look just silly. That's why so many dealers lift them and put 35" tires on them. You can simply install spring spacers and get enough lift to fit 35's for day to day driving.   If you are just using it to go to the mall, then thats great, but if you are going to USE theJeep, it has  some serious weaknesses.  I have built this Jeep to perform as it's meant to perform offroad and drive great on the road. The front axle has been beefed up by sleeving and the C's have been gusseted. It has control arm skid plates and the steering was replaced with Synergy Suspension parts with the high steer setup..  Synergy heavy duty ball joints have replaced the weaker factory ones and a Fox steering stabilizer was added and moved up out of harms way. This corrects most of the built-in weaknesses of the factory front axle and steering.The lift started as a Rubicon Express 3.5" lift but only the springs remain of that lift.. All four control arms were replaced with  Clayton Offroad's short arms. These are incredibly beefy and seem to feel much better than the lighter duty Rubicon express arms. To correct the poor stopping ability of the factory disc brakes, I added a Teraflex front and rear big rotor kit with caliper adapters. This gives the brakes a larger stopping surface and moves the pads out for more leverage on the larger rotors. It stops extremely well. A rear Hellwig performance swaybar was installed to decrease body roll on the highway but has little to no affects on offroad suspension flex. The fuel tank is protected by a Rockhard 4x4 full length 1/4" steel skid plate. The low hanging factory muffler and exhaust was replaced with the Afe high tuck rear exhaust. It also has an Afe Y-pipe to keep the exhaust out of the way of the front suspension/drive shaft. The front driveshaft is a 1310 Adams drive shaft and the rear is a JE Reel drive shaft. The factory drive shafts do not survive on lifted Jeeps for long. The suspension rides on Fox 2.0 shocks with external reservoir specially tuned by Teraflex for the JKU. The factory headlights on the JK are not much better than taping two flash lights to your hood. They have been replaced with Truck Lite LED headlights which give off a brilliant white light. I replaced the fog lights with LED lights as well because having standard halogen fogs with the LED's looked odd.  The Jeep has many other modifications as well that make it more liveable and useful. The only thing I do not like about it is the lightbar. I installed one of the best LED lightbars you can buy on the windshield. I use it extensively offroad because it lights up the trail incredibly well. That said, it creates a large amount of wind noise and is the one modification I hate 90% of the time. I will remove it and adjust the price accordingly if you wish.

This Jeep is solid mechanically. A huge percentage of 2012 Wrangler's had issues with the drivers side heads on the 3.6L pentestar. Affected engines had a noticeable loud tick (much louder than the standard injector noise heard normally) This jeep was one of those but the head was replaced early on and Jeep extended the factory warranty on the affected head to 150,000 miles. Since it was replaced I've had no further problems with it. The oil pressure sensor gave an error last week and I took it in this week. They replaced the oil pressure sensor, the oil cooler and filter adapter (they are all the same part). The radiator was also replaced as well as the thermostat housing.



3.5" Rubicon Express lift, with most components replaced with the following:

Clayton Offroad Control Arms - installed within 25,000 miles. ($1200)

Rear Hellwig performance 3/4" swaybar ($150)

Front suspension has Synergy drag link($400), tie rod($375) and adjustable trackbar($225) along with the high-steer/drag link flip

Front axle has been sleeved and gusseted by BaerTrax. ($600)

Baertrax also installed 4.88 gears about 10,000 miles ago. This is ideal gearing for 37" tires so nothing to do if you want to go to a larger tire.($1800)

Frond and rear axles also have Teraflex Big Rotor brakes installed for much better braking.($850)

Shocks are Fox 2.0 w/external reservoir tuned by Teraflex for the JK ($850)

Rockhard 4x4 gas tank skid plate ($350)

Poison Spyder Ricochet Rockers sliders ($600)

Riddler Differential Covers front and rear ($300)

Truck Lite LED headlights($400)

LED Foglights($150)

Front bumper is Rampage Offroad Bumper with Smittybilt 10,500lb H20 Winch with synthetic line.($600+$550)

Rear Bumper is AEV with tire carrier($1400 total) linked to swing gate.so it opens with the rear tail gate. Has mast for antenna or accessories and built in shovel mount and 5 gallon water reservoir (with manual pump)

Wheels are 17x9 Mickey Thompson Sidebiters with Nitto Trail Grappler 35x1250R17's with about 50% tread.

Afe cold air intake ($275)

Afe exhaust and y pipe ($450)

Baja Designs Stealth 50" lightbar (waterproof, 22000 lumens, modular with a lifetime warranty and the best lightbar you can buy) ($1500)

Interior - Factory Nav with Lockpick to allow for backup camera and unrestricted use of Nav while in motion. ($250 for lockpick)

Bedtred rear liner for cargo area ($250)

Grabars front and rear ($150)

Vector offroad dash bar for mounting phone, radio, etc ($149)

Teraflex tinted sun visor system for front and side coverage ($225)

Supertuner Trail dash 2 ($450)

Underseat storage vault (fits most handguns and other valuables)($120)

2nd gen Smittybilt SR2 tube doors from and rear ($750)

Complete soft top and an additional main top body with frame (no windows or door surrounds) ($1200)

 Weathertech front floor mats ($175)

Price $32,500 firm. KellyBB has the jeep valued at $27,000 stock. If you were to buy it stock for that and put 35" tires on it alone you would be spending $30K. For not much more you are getting a Jeep that has all of the essential stuff done that you need to take it anywhere. The only way I'll drop the price is if you don't want some of the modifications, such as the lightbar. I'll remove them and adjust the price based on what I can sell them for individually (lightbar being the example, I'd drop the price $750, half doors $600, etc)

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